Somewhere in Northern Ireland

I'm in Belfast, Northern Ireland at the moment possibly stuck.  We'll see what happens tomorrow.  The weather over Northern England and Scotland is creating havoc with the flight schedules so my plans are very much up in the air--although the planes are not. I've been to Ireland before---actually met God there once---that's an interesting story for another time---but I've never been to Northern Ireland which is Protestant and is actually part of the U.K. along with Scotland, Wales, and England.  Tomorrow I may be heading back to Berlin, may get stranded here in Northern Ireland, or may end up in Scotland.  Just not really sure at the moment.  And I don't care.  Although, I am missing Jamie and Marco terribly on this trip.  Once I'm done with this one--I have no more trips away from the family until 1 week in January--and the rest of these 2 months we will travel together if we have to at all.  Good!

More on my time with the Liverpool church later with pictures.  Right now, nothing is wanting to load.