Thank You Lebanon!

Photo: General Assembly of the Church of God in Lebanon

I am back from Lebanon.  It was a very productive trip and the country was just as beautiful as I remembered.  While in Lebanon, I got to spend time with some of the CBH Viewpoint crew that was in town to put a studio in MBC. That meant getting some time with my friends John W. and Tim B.  Also in Lebanon was President Emeritus J. Barber from Warner Pacific College.  Jay is a special friend and mentor to me.  It was twenty years ago this month that I lost my mother.  Jay presided over her memorial service and it was his wife Jan who spent the most time at my mother's bedside in her final weeks.  Their daughter Carrie is a special friend of mine and I deeply love this family.  It was an honor to have so much time with Jay.

I especially appreciate the evening we had with the General Assembly of the Church of God in Lebanon.  The fellowship was great and the meal fantastic.  Most importantly, I think we will be having a very fruitful relationship as Three Worlds continues to build new partnerships in these challenging days.  Thanks to Joy Mallouh for hosting this large group as well.

I got back yesterday and was exhausted.  Today the whole day was spent preparing for the upcoming Regional Coordinator Meetings in Oklahoma City, OK.  Jamie will be attending those and Marco and I will stay here in Berlin.