Crisis in Egypt

This past weekend, we were at Fritzlar Bible College speaking at a weekend retreat.  More about that later.

But our thoughts, prayers, and attention has been focused on the people uprising in Egypt.  We won't be making any political comments or analysis here at Three-Worlds about the country or the issues.  We have lots of friends and partners on the ground in Egypt.  Our first concern is for their safety.

On this coming Friday, Jamie and the female part of our Berlin-based Three Worlds crew (Rhonda and Nicole) were scheduled to travel to Egypt to do some important work there.  As events unfolded, we started to think that perhaps just Jamie would go alone.  But after Friday's key turning point, we decided that we will postpone the trip altogether.

Egypt obviously means a lot to Jamie's family since it is where she grew up and where here Parents and Grandparents served.  It's been an important country for our movement and we all have a lot of brothers and sisters there.  For those of you that have never been, Egyptians are a wonderful, friendly, peace-loving people.  You cannot say you know much about the Middle East if you have not had the experience of Egyptian hospitality and warmth.  So many of the images we see of the Middle East are negative.  But there is a whole other side that rarely gets seen in America and in the news in general.

We continue to pray for brothers and sisters there.  In a little while, we'll be making our own key announcement about Egypt so stay tuned...