The Pride of Being Egyptian

Today is the day of the attempted "million man march" toward the Presidential palace in Egypt.  It's also Jamie's birthday today (and my Mom's birthday) and Jamie's mostly thinking about Egypt.  As Regional Coordinators and concerned friends, we have tried to call the national leader, the Egyptian pastors, Jamie's many friends and family, and the people living on our Church of God property.  Thus far, we have not been able to get in touch with anyone.  We are lifting all of them up in prayer and wishing for their safety.  It's not just physical danger we worry about, but other things like lack of food, water, and ATM's and banks not working.  We hope this crisis resolves itself soon.  We will let you all know when we hear anything.

This video captures some of the spirit of the Pride of Being Egyptian.

Thank you to all of our friends in Hong Kong and around the world for the many birthday wishes to Jamie and Marco.  Now let's pray for Egypt.