Statement on Egypt Situation for CHOG

We have put out an update on the situation at

Over the past week, we have been monitoring the situation in Egypt very closely.  We are very concerned about the instability in the country at this moment.  We thank everyone who is praying for our brothers and sisters in Egypt.

Since the protests escalated, phone and internet connection has been down. Just today, February 2nd, we were finally able to speak to a few different people in Egypt on the telephone and through Skype.  A brother in one of our Cairo churches reports that everyone is secure at the moment, but mostly staying at home and obeying the curfew.  Another reports that they have been able to go out for a short time during the day to secure petrol and food.

The Church of God property in the suburbs of Cairo remains secure, but the two families (not ChoG staff) living there are taking turns keeping watch at night to prevent looting and theft.  They are also providing safe haven for some single, foreign women that are needing a secure place to stay during this crisis.

We have been unable to contact the National Leader in Egypt, but we spoke with one of the pastors of the General Assembly.  He reports that all the churches outside of Cairo are doing fine although the country is very tense. He also reports that there have been no clashes between Muslims and Christians.

While it is tempting to buy into a narrative put forth by news outlets, one thing that has become very clear to us in our conversations is that there can be a big difference between what you see on your TV and what the people living through it are seeing.  We urge everyone not to focus on taking sides, but rather put all of this in the hands of the Lord.  Egypt is a beautiful country of very warm people.  Our brothers and sisters there are committed to the Lord's work no matter what becomes of the political situation.

Please continue to lift up in prayer the Church of God in Egypt and the country as a whole.

Patrick & Jamie Nachtigall Regional Coordinators for Europe/Middle East