Introducing 3W Seminars

Introducing 3W Seminars:

The world is changing at a dramatic speed.  When Jamie and I were in high school, the world was divided between the Communist East and the Democratic West, very few people had a computer in their home, and sending a message to someone involved a pen and a paper.  Today, the world is inter-connected and old boundaries are blurred.  The dramatic changes in the world are challenging the church.  Throughout the world, doing ministry is becoming more complicated and churches are struggling to understand some of the shifts that are occurring.  Approaches to mission and evangelism are changing, and the Christian landscape is becoming increasingly complex.  This is why we are introducing Three World Seminars which we hope will benefit our region (Europe/Middle East) and even our supporting churches back in the United States.

Three World seminars are going to be led by Three World team members along with experts from supporting churches, outside experts, and/or in conjunction with other non-profits who will bring their experience and expertise to help and encourage churches in transition and discuss ministry opportunities.  The topics covered will be tailor-made to the particular country and churches and are aimed at helping churches or national leaders make sense of the challenging environment they are trying to navigate in their ministry.  We hope to put on our 3W seminars throughout Europe and the Middle East.  At times, we may even hold 3W seminars in the U.S.A.

PARIS Our first Three Worlds Seminar is scheduled for the weekend of February 19th and 20th in Paris, France. The Church of God there is located in one of the world's most secular cities and most challenging environments.  This first seminar will be led by Patrick and Jamie Nachtigall along with Three-World team members David and Kathy Simpson (Bulgaria).  The subjects to be covered are:

1) The History and Theology of the Church of God

2) The Church of God at the dawn of the 21st Century

3) The Top 5 Mistakes Churches are Making

4) Staying Encouraged in a Difficult Mission-Field


Our second Three Worlds Seminar is scheduled for London in April 2nd-3rd with our third Three Worlds Seminar in Bulgaria in May.

All of this is part of our Three Worlds strategy of using missionaries regionally to build up healthy Church of God inner-connectivity. We seek to be a blessing not just to one geographical location, but to our entire region and the larger church.