Off to Switzerland, Thinking of Egypt

We've spent much of the day getting ready for our trip to visit the Church of God in Zurich, Switzerland.  This is a church that is rarely visited by Church of God people other than those from Germany, so we are looking forward to offering friendship, encouragement, and connection.  The diary may be silent while we are away.  We just have one day of turn around time before we head to Paris for the first 3W Seminar.

In the background, we've had the news on all-day, watching events continue to unfold.  We finally received a message from one of the National Leaders we've been unable to contact for a while.  They are doing good and want to express their appreciation to all those lifting them up in prayer.  The situation is tense--they say--but they are all doing fine.

Things are bound to be hard to read for the foreseeable future as revolutions and attempted revolutions tend to play out over months--sometimes years.  Sometimes there are lulls in the action, other times their is persistent conflict.  Sides change, pacts are made, and it tends to get complicated.  In the meantime we watch and pray...

We'll be in touch soon.  As always, thank you for your support!