Merci, Paris Church of God

What a great time we had with our brothers and sisters at the Paris church.  A special "Thank You" to Samir who helped to organize all of this--our first ever Three Worlds Seminar.  It was great working with him and I hope this is just the beginning.

And thank you to Pastor Fegali and his wife Frida for being such wonderful hosts.  Although many of them speak excellent English, Frida did the interpretation.  She speaks French, Arabic, Italian, German, and English.  She did a fantastic job with the difficult subjects (difficult vocabulary) we were covering in this 3W seminar.

And everyone was just so friendly and wonderful.  We were taken out to dinner a few different times and we all agreed the food was absolutely delicious.  And that Italian restaurant (pictured above) had the best tomato sauce.  I love good tomato sauce.

A special "Thank You" to Dave and Kathy Simpson who were co-presenters in this Seminar and did a wonderful job talking about Church of God history and theology.  Dave preached the sermon on Sunday focusing on how to stay encouraged in difficult mission-fields like France and Bulgaria.  This is one of the reasons we wanted the Simpsons for this--because they are in one of the toughest environments for Evangelical Christianity in the world---perhaps the most difficult, period.  But they do their ministry with such grace.  I know the people in France fell in love with them.

But best of all were the friendships formed.  We look forward to partnering together in the future.  Our hope is that this first Three Worlds Seminar was informative, inspiring, helpful, and catalytic.