Announcement: New 3W Team Members

For the past few weeks, we have all been gripped by the images of changes in the Middle East.  Revolution in the air, bullets being fired, societies being overturned after decades.  Now imagine moving your young family into that part of the world.  This is exactly what Ken and Keli Oldham are preparing to do.  They are joining the Three Worlds team to be pastors in the Middle East as well as helping us with our overall Three Worlds strategy.

Ken and Keli graduated from Anderson University in 1995 and bring a wealth of pastoral experience to our team.  They have served at Scott Memorial Church in Tennessee as well as Riverchase Community Church in Alabama.  Most recently they have been serving at the Sixth Avenue Church in Decatur, Alabama.  At Sixth Avenue they developed a global reach that included Guyana, the United Kingdom, Colombia, and other countries.  Ken and Keli are already thought of very highly by key leaders in Europe.  They also have a proven track record of successful tenures as well as a track record in mentoring young people and inspiring them in ministry.  Furthermore, they will be able to engage all three worlds that we operate in here in Europe and the Middle East:  the Traditional, Post-Christendom, and Non-Western.

Ken and Keli have three children, Grace, Titus, and Zeke.  As they re-locate to the Middle East, our whole Three Worlds Team will be mobilized to help them into this huge transition.  The Oldhams must now begin the challenging journey of raising all of their financial support.  If you or your church are interested in supporting them, contact Candy Power at Global Missions of the Church of God: