Remembering Susi

A few weeks ago, I posted about my former friends, adopted Grandparents, and former bosses Pastors Kerm and Susi Morrison.  We have received word that Susi passed away on March 2nd and 7pm.  She died without pain or fear with two of her children at her side.

Words cannot begin to describe what Kerm and Susi meant to us.  Our years with them in New Haven, Connecticut were priceless.  They entered into our lives at a pivotal moment for us and they offered us all the encouragement in the world.  Our times with them were filled with much laughter and joy.  It was wonderful watching them do their work.  We learned a lot from these great mentors.

Anytime I could, I would always make my way back to New Haven to visit them.  Trying to give back to them a little bit of what they gave to us.

I can't imagine life without Susi.  And it's hard to picture Kerm without Susi--the two just go together.  I always felt so free with Susi and could tell her anything.  It felt great to go to their house and let down.  The last time I did that was in January of last year, 2010.  I was in New Haven for a week and we had lots of time to be together.  I am so very thankful I made that trip now.  I had no idea it would be the last time we'd be together.  For now.

We worry about Kerm and I hope I get the chance to see him soon.  Kerm's condition is worsening.  In his alzheimers, he forgets many things.  Most things.  But not Susi.  Who can forget Susi? We never will.