3W Seminar: London

It's time for our 2nd Three World Seminar; this time in London.  Tomorrow, the Adwalpalker family and I will be getting on a plane to make the short flight over to London where we will be putting on the 3W Seminar at the Tottenham Church of God.  The subjects of this seminar are pertaining to doing ministry in multi-cultural settings.  It's hard to think of a more multi-cultural place than London.

In the two opening sessions, the Adwalpalkers will be leading this church through the process of thinking about how to better reach their multi-cultural neighborhood.

I will do the final third session.  I will be singing a medley of Frank Sinatra songs. Okay, not really.  But perhaps.

Then lastly, on Sunday, Amy will be preaching the sermon which will have a multi-cultural theme.

We're also excited that some of the leaders from the Liverpool (Birkenhead) Church of God will be coming down from Beatles-land to join in the 3W Seminar.

Oh, and on Friday, I will be speaking to the youth.  I am looking forward to that.  So it will be action packed, but I think it will be a lot of fun and we'll all learn a lot.

As for the Adwalpalkers, they have been down with 3W teammates Aaron and Nicole speaking at the Fritzlar Bible College.  I've already heard from reliable sources that they did a great job.