3W Seminar: Bulgaria

In a few hours, I am off to Bulgaria for our third 3W Seminar.  This one will be about Business as Mission and will not be lead by me, but by our friends at County Line Church in Indiana.  I'm looking forward to learning a lot myself. This is my first ever trip to Bulgaria.  I'm looking forward to meeting with the leaders and spending time with our 3W Team members Dave and Kathy Simpson--not to be confused with Homer and Marge. It will be great to see Nathan "Batman" as well from County Line.

And, we are flying in Pastor Kiss from Budapest,  Hungary and another member from the church there to join us during this Bulgaria tour.  You will be hearing a lot about Pastor Kiss (pronounced "kish"). He's in his mid-20's and is like the son I never had, or once had, but lost somewhere.  It should be a ton o' laughs, this one.  I'm looking to getting over to Hungary in the near future to meet the rest of the Hungary crew as well.

It sounds like they have a full schedule for me over there in Plovdiv and Sofia.  We'll see if the posts can keep on coming with more of my mediocre pictures for the whole family.