3W Seminar Offerings

We are getting ready for our 3W Seminar in Bulgaria.  3W Seminars are designed to deal with the issues that our churches in Europe and the Middle East are facing.  In each seminar (over a weekend) we do a number of talks on one or two issues.  I lead the seminar along with either 1) One of the missionaries on our 3W team  2) an  expert from a supporting church or the larger CHOG or 3) in conjunction with an outside non-profit organization with expertise in the field. The 3W Seminars help build up connectivity, help our region identify the common areas of struggle, and introduce outsiders to the churches in our region.  The list of courses we are offering is as follows:

Designing a Youth Program
Three models for structuring a youth program
Cross cultural ministry in your church neighborhood
How to reach out to different cultures
When and how to plant a church
Questions and issues that need to be asked and dealt with before planting a church
Dealing with the challenge of Post-Christian environments (the Challenge of Secular Europe)
Why is Europe so difficult and what approaches can be taken?
Top 5 Mistakes Churches are Making
Learn about the the top 5 mistakes churches are making and how to respond
Organizing Your Church
How can you better organize your church for effective ministry?
Developing a National Strategy
Is your country organized effectively for national connectivity and evangelism?

Preparing for a New Pastor
Questions and issues that need to be asked of the church and pastor as ministry begins.
Becoming a Missionary Church
How to break the inward-looking cycle.
Church of God History
What is the history of the Church of God and why and how is it relevant now?
Church of God Theology
What is Church of God theology and why and how is it relevant now?
Analyzing your church or national structure
Is your church or national structure configured in a way to maximize your ministry potential?
Engaging the Three Worlds of Christianity (traditional, post-Christendom, non-Western)
Explore the 3 theological worlds that exist in 21st Century Christianity and the Church of God.  An important piece to the puzzle in Global and local evangelism.
Doing Business as Mission
How to start a business to use it for evangelism or support ministry and pastors.
Hopefully more will be added in the future...