Problem: Are you Getting our Newsletter Regularly?

Last summer, when we launched Three Worlds we started an e-journal called "Three Worlds Journal."  All of you on our  mailing list (who received the Chinatimes) should have automatically begin receiving the Three Worlds Journal.  However, we are getting reports of people not receiving this. You should be getting it every 2 months and have about 6 editions by now.  It comes as an email and updates you on all that has been happening here in Europe and the Middle East.  If you formerly got the chinatimesonline and are not getting the Three Worlds e-journal (or think you are missing issues), please let us know.  At first it seemed like only a few people were missing it, but that number is growing so we are a bit concerned as regular communication is very important to us.

Send us an email if you are not receiving it.  It may be that your spam filter is catching them or not allowing them to come in, or it could be another kind of problem.  We are checking it out.