Jamie Off to Egypt Today

I'm back from Bulgaria and a mere 48 hours later, Jamie is off to Egypt.  Crazy schedule, but beginning in Mid-June, we will be together as a family without interruption for 7 weeks!  That will be great.  We will be in The Netherlands (Holland), USA, Costa Rica, and Italy in these coming weeks and we'll be able to do all of that together. I'm not that crazy about the idea of Jamie traveling to Egypt alone with all this stuff being as unsettled as it is--but Jamie's an extremely confident traveler who knows how to go anywhere on her own.  She's also very familiar with Egypt, and the work that needs to be done there is stuff that she understands far better than I do.  When it comes to Egypt, she is definitely the expert.  And as Regional Coordinators for this region, we will often have to do things like this.

We are making a lot of preparation in Egypt for future plans and there's quite a bit of groundwork that has to be laid down.  Jamie's trip is about making those preparations.

Of course she has many friends that are like (are) family there and she was very much looking forward to being there.  We'll be glad when she is back home. So say a little prayer for Jamie this week.

As for Marco and I...we will return to our regular routine of starving, not bathing, and generally living like rabid animals while Jamie is gone.  I'm so hungry.  "  'ave you got any porridge guv'nor?"

More about Bulgaria in the next post.