Jamie's Back, now to Holland

Photo:  A much younger man who had hope, idealism, and energy past 8pm at night.

Jamie got back from Egypt.  And just in time!

I made Marco's lunch and forgot to give him his lunchbox.  Poor kid.

Then I forgot to send him with his Karate uniform for Karate class.

I'm really not that good at the Mr.Mom thing.  I'm there emotionally 100%, but logistically...I don't know how Mom's keep track of everything.

Jamie had a great trip and loved being back in Egypt.

Tomorrow we are going to The Netherlands (Holland) to spend some time with the churches there.  We have 2 events (that I know of) planned.  We feel very connected to Holland since we spent some time there a few years ago.  They know Marco and Jamie and it will be fun for all three of us to go and re-connect.  Next entry will be about Peter in Hungary who was with us in Bulgaria.