Washington DC

Hello.  In Washington D.C. this weekend visiting some of our 3W partners and sharing about our exciting vision for the future.  My goodness, I just love Washington D.C.  It's gorgeous.  The weather has been pretty awesome too.  Kind of humid, but not in a really uncomfortable way.  Four of five wealthiest counties in the USA are now in Suburban D.C.  I'm in one of them---Fairfax.  The neighborhoods are beautiful.  Another thing I like is that D.C. has become an extremely multi-cultural city.  You see people from everywhere here. Jamie and Marco are leaving Germany at the end of the week and will be here in time for the North American Convention, which for us begins Saturday.

You would not believe how much fattening American food I am turning down.  I haven't even had Coke in more than 2 weeks.  I want applause for this.  I want credit for this.  Appreciate me!  It's hard to drive past Popeye's Chicken and not order those fries and a spicy chicken sandwich.  It's torture not going to Fazoli's to load up on bread sticks.  It's complete and utter pain to not order up a medium cheese pizza at Pizza Hut!  And I have not caved-in!   Appreciate it!!  Love me!!!

America. You are a saucy temptress.