North American Convention

Hello from Indiana.  I got back from a lovely few days in D.C. and had some meetings here.  On Thursday night, Jamie and Marco arrived from Germany.  Despite all the travel I've done this past year, I don't think I've been separated from them for this many days in a long time--it was 11 days.  Now we will be together all the way through mid-August when I go to Spain without them.  We will be in Phoenix, California, and Costa Rica.  I'm looking forward to all of it. It's been great to see our newest teammates Ken and Keli Oldham.  They are here for the North American Convention and it was great to finally have some face to face time.  They will be commissioned on Monday night as Pastors to the Middle East and 3W team members.  Ken and Keli bring all the qualities that we are looking for at Three Worlds.  They get the new paradigm, they get the three worlds, they are committed to mentoring the next generation, and they have a proven track record.  We already have missionaries out there that have been impacted and influenced by Ken and Keli.  They are still looking for financial support so keep them in mind.

It was also great to see Aaron and Nicole arrive from Berlin.  Kelley is arriving tonight.

North American Convention is always a packed time of year.  There's lots of official meetings and informal meetings.  It's the informal meetings that often yield the greatest benefits.

It's been great seeing lots of our friends.  Our dear friends Jen and her two year old husband Randy got us the new "Arcade Fire" CD and I've been listening to that as I drive around.  Very catchy.  Thanks guys.

Well, it's been a long day so I better go die now.