Thank You California!

We're back from California.  We had a wonderful time visiting our supporting church in Citrus Heights--Antelope Road Church of God.  It was great spending time with Pastor Pringle in his home (Marco got to swim with their dog!), and our hosts Warren and Pat were amazing!  We love you guys. We then headed to Diamond Arrow Camp to speak 4 times about Three Worlds.  Thank you to all who turned up for these 4 sessions.

We left Diamond Arrow and California deeply moved and encouraged by the kind words of encouragement from the people, and the support for Three Worlds.  This was really our first time to present 3W to the church in the USA, so we thank all the folks from Arizona and California who were such an encouragement to us.  It was a great way to end the first year of 3W and begin the start of year two.

Our speaker was Pastor T. Dougherty of Boise, Idaho.  Dougherty was chased by a bear one night during the camp.  We're not kidding.  He pulled a ham-string running from a bear.  His room was next to ours, so apparently the bear followed him back to our room area and was outside.  We were all asleep.  So the story is funny.  But I have no idea what my reaction would have been if I had woken up, looked outside my window and seen a big black bear.  What would that have been like?  I have no idea.

But it didn't happen, so it's just funny and there were many bear puns from everyone throughout the weak.  It was "unbearable."  Well if you know T. Dougherty, you know that there are only 2 people in the world that would get chased by a bear at a church camp.  Tom and his brother Dave who was my first mentor/internship experience at Hoodview CHOG in Woodburn, Oregon.  It's actually quite a fitting story for Dougherty to get chased by a bear.  So the Tom story will go viral on the internet and we want to make sure it stays that way.

Lots of love to all the people of California and Arizona.

Tomorrow we head "home" to Costa Rica to visit my Dad for 2 weeks.  This is our vacation time.  Usually good internet connection where we live is non-existant or rare so we may slow down so response to email may lag for a few weeks.  But the small group of magical elves that work for me (not the 3W team) will be posting a few more things on the web in the coming days.  It will be great to see my Dad after a long time, and for Marco to have some time to play and bond with Grandpa.  It doesn't happen often with our life so it's important.  After that, it's back to Germany.

Here's one last, lousy, over-exposed photo for the road.