I left my heart in San Francisco

I really did leave my heart in San Francisco.  We lived here when I was younger and I think I was deeply impacted by the multi-cultural environment.  Almost everyone in my class were first generation immigrants to the USA, myself included.  You could see people from around the world every day throughout the city.  We attended a black church in Oakland and a long love oaffiar with 70's soul and funk was born.  I think my obsession with strong bass lines started here.  The Asian influence convinced me to study East Asia and led me to live there for 11 years (in South Korea and Hong Kong).  And living in the most scenic city in the U.S.A. made every other place seem dull. Being back in SF has been a blast.  We passed through here with Marco once but he doesn't remember too much.  This time he is old enough to experience the city.  You could spend weeks discovering the Bay Area--a couple of days was not enough, but we tried to maximize the time.  I got spoiled here.  Became determined to not live in boring places.  And I spent tons of time at the airport with my Dad watching the planes take-off and land from countries I was absolutely determined to visit when I grew up.  My Dad was always up to watching the planes land with me for hours at the airport.

I guess I never really thought about how many of my dreams, values, and goals were formed during my time here.  But it has all come flooding back as I take Marco and Jamie to key sites where my life was deeply impacted.  I knew my Asia fixation started here, but I didn't realize how many other things started here as well.  I remember watching the 747 British Airways planes take off and being determined to one day get to know London inside out--and it is now my favorite and most visited place.  I spent my birthdays at the SFO airport because that's what I wanted to do on my special day instead of have parties.  I just wanted to watch planes and dream of the day when I would see the world.

Wow.  There's a strong sense that it I've come full circle.  I thank God for the many opportunities I've had and the dreams that have come true.  But nothing has been more rewarding in life than my wife and son, and to share it with them has been special.