The Islamic Threat? Norway Reaction

Will Europe be taken over by Muslims?  Is Europe in danger of Islamic terrorism.  The attacks in Norway this week (which most assumed would be attributed to Al-Qaeda) turned out to be an attack by an ultra nationalist-Christianist. On this week's episode of GPS, Fareed Zakaria pointed out that in Europe over the past two years, only .3 (yes, that's .3), and 1% of terrorist attacks were done by Muslims.  The rest have been done by separatist groups and nationalists, having nothing to do with Islam. As I've written before, the trouble with Osama Bin Laden's vision for an Islamic theocratic government ruling Europe and the World is that it is difficult to get people to submit to anything--especially religion--and more so when it is done by force.  Christians teach in original sin and rebellion (separation) from God.  Therefore it should be no surpise that even in the Islamic world, attempts to force Islam down everyone's throats is not working.

Drug usage ( a way to escape confining societies) drugs, and atheism, are at all-time highs in the Middle East.  And birth rates by Muslims in the Middle East and Europe are declining now).  And then, as I've mentioned before.  There's porn which has become endemic throughout Islamic lands.  Even Osama had his little porn stash.

Western media makes it sound like it is so easy to indoctrinate people into becoming Islamic terrorists.  When in fact, people abhor having religion (any religion including Christianity) shoved down their throat.  Increasingly there is secularization and atheism throughout the Islamic world.

And Western Europe which has secularized Christianity can easily do the same to Islam and very well might.

And Muslim-born activist explains why she is now an atheist:

"I suppose people can go through an entire lifetime without questioning God and a religion that they were born into (out of no choice of their own), especially if it doesn't have much of a say in their lives. If you live in France or Britain, there may never be a need to renounce God actively or come out as an atheist. But when the state sends a "Hezbollah" (the generic term for Islamist) to your school to ensure that you don't mix with your friends who are boys, stops you from swimming, forces you to be veiled, deems males and females separate and unequal, prescribes different books for you and your girlfriends from those read by boys, denies certain fields of study to you because you are female, and starts killing in­discriminately, then you have no choice but to question, discredit and confront it - all of it. And that is what I did."

Once this Norway attack blows over, there will be more straight-line projections about the future of the Middle East and Islam.  But let's not forget that thus far, in this very volatile era where Fundamentalist Islam is very much hostile and under threat, the number of attacks was .3%

Something to think about on occasion.

Anti-globalization movements (of which Al-Qaeda is just an Islamic version) may be the bigger threat, particularly as the divide between rich and poor increases dramatically in the coming days (although--as pointed out a few weeks ago on this diary--the poor will be wealthier than the poor of any previous era).