3W Intern-Gina Shaner

We are so happy to have Gina Shaner with our Germany 3W crew this summer.  Gina is finishing up her Master's Degree at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky and is doing her internship with us. Our goal with this internship is to not only expose Gina to hands-on ministry (which is what internships typically do), but to expose her to the Three Worlds of Christianity in different settings and countries.

In addition to all of that, she will also be learning about the behind-the-scenes organizational, management, and member care issues that we deal with as Regional Coordinators (the care for the missionaries spiritual and emotional health).

The combination of practical experience, broad exposure to a variety of fields, and exposure to the administrative/organizational side of missionary work is very unique.  We think the 3W Internship is a very comprehensive program which will return Gina to Asbury with a wealth of practical knowledge.

*Gina has already spend time doing ministry on the streets of Berlin in a challenging environment and neighborhood.

*She also helped the XZ Berlin team run the German teen camp.

*Now, she is moving into our home and joining us as we visit our new church in Arco, Italy.  She will join us as we make strategic decisions for the future.  This is a very post-Christendom setting.  Then she will join Aaron and Nicole and I in Spain as we meet with believers from the Bolivian Church of God who are migrant workers.  They come from a non-Western culture and perspective and are now integrating into a post-modern European society.

So her internship is taking her from the streets of Berlin, to the German Countryside, to the Italian Alps, and the South of Spain.  In each place, a very different context.

We're thrilled to have her with us for a few more weeks and we are proud of what she has already accomplished this summer.  You will be hearing and seeing more of Gina soon.