Brief note from Spain

Hi folks.  Sorry for the lack of diary entries lately.  You may be wondering how our intern Gina is doing, how's Italy, and how's is Spain.  Well, all is wonderful, but the days have been very long and internet has been real spotty from place to place.  And then there's just the exhaustion factor. At the moment I am on the Southeast Coast of Spain in a gorgeous town called Aguadulce (Sweet Water), close to Almeria in Andalusia, Spain.  I know Gina had a wonderful time in Italy and I will write about it later and post pictures.  And then there's the wonderful people we are visiting Spain.  More about that later with lots of photos.  There's Italy, Austria, Barcelona, and Andalusia all coming up.  And it's been a great trip for learning and experiencing the Three Worlds of Christianity we write so much about.  It's been very encouraging.   Three Worlds is fitting a need and the time is right.

Thanks for hanging in there.  And thanks for supporting us.