It's not easy being an MK.

Please say a little prayer for Marco this week as he starts 3rd grade at a new school.  This is his 5th school.  Despite all of our efforts to create stability, for reasons out of our control, he has had to be moved in and out of schools far more than we had ever planned.  We are MK's/TCK's and we know how hard it is to be moved around and have to change schools.  Marco is particularly tired of it since he had to start school at an earlier age than most kids because we lived in Hong Kong in the Chinese school system. He's tired of having to say "goodbye," and tired of having to be the new kid yet again.  And we're tired of it too.  It's been a hard first week.  At first we thought it was going okay, but it turns out he was just trying to put on a brave face.  It's been hard.  So say a little prayer for Marco in the coming weeks as he tries to make friends and adjust to school being in German and English.