Stop and Say a Prayer...

It's Friday September 16th and I just dropped off Jamie and our newest 3W team members the Oldhams at the airport.  Ken, Keli, and their daughter Grace are going to Egypt for the first time today to see their future home.  This is a very big deal!  We need to pray about this--that all goes well, that they all stay safe, and that it is a great experience.  Their two smallest children remain back in the USA.  As for Audrey, she is an American working at our church in Liverpool alongside her husband Zach.  They're a great young couple that I wrote about in my last post.  Audrey grew up in Egypt, just like Jamie and they both went to the same school at different times. Imagine moving your whole family to a different city.  Now imagine moving them to a different country.  Now imagine moving them to a country that is in great transition where there was just a revolution.  That's what is happening with the Oldhams, so we need to keep them in mind this week and after this week as well.

They continue to need some serious financial support to make all of this happen.  So spread the word that there is a need and an urgency about all of this.

Our 3W Staff Meetings finished yesterday with an emotional time of prayer for the Oldhams.  It such a big deal to have a whole family move to the Middle East.  But this is what they feel called to do and we are going to support them in all they do.

Thanks to the 3W crew for being great workers, for helping out in the kitchen, and for the amazing time of interaction.  Everyone is an important part of the effort.  And thanks for all the laughter.

In a few minutes, Marco, Zach and I will head out to the annual conference for the Church of God here in Germany.  We will be joined by our 3W teammates, the Simpsons from Bulgaria who are on their way to the USA for home-assignment.  Jamie and the gang will be back almost exactly 7 days later.  Once again, stop and say a prayer.