Thanks Germany!

Last weekend, I attended the annual conference of the Church of God in Germany.  The events location rotates between Fritzlar in the center of the country every other year, and then to the north and south on the other years.  This year, it was in the North at a campground south of Hamburg.

As usual, the Germans put on a great conference.  The campground was beautiful, and the events well-organized.  In General, I remain so impressed with the German Church of God.  The pastors are wonderful, there is real unity amongst the leaders, multiple generations attend their annual conference, young people in ministry are tracked, and they reach out to Europe and the world.  They are a well-functioning Church of God in comparison to many other places.  We are so thankful to them for allowing us to base ourselves here in Germany.

The leaves are starting to fall on the trees and the weather is now consistently in the 60's.  We're about to go into my favorite time of the year--Autumn.  It's so great to live in a four season location again.  Best of all, I have quite a bit of time at home now with Jamie and Marco before my next overnight trip.  This is on purpose, as we are trying to slow our schedule down for Marco's sake.  Jamie just got back from Egypt yesterday and the Oldhams and the Langfords are still with us for one more day.  On Sunday begins a "long stretch" of being home and sleeping in the same bed, and not having to put things in a suitcase for more than 30 days.  I'm really looking forward to it.

I plan to spend these next few weeks focusing on Jamie and Marco first.  Then I will be catching up on a lot of work as well as preparing for the numerous 3W events coming up in the Fall and Winter.  And perhaps I'll finally get to see some of Berlin.  I still know so very little about Berlin since I am never here.  There are more museums per capita in Berlin than anywhere in the world.  Perhaps we'll get to get out some and see some new things.