3W Roundtable

This week I am in Paris working on the creation of what we are calling the 3W Roundtable.  We are entering an era of new fiscal challenges, new legal challenges in the area of transparency for non-profits, and an era in which we need to re-examine the effectiveness of the flow of money from North America to mission-fields around the world.  We need to make sure that our investments are well-thought out, strategic, and do no foster unhealthy dependencies.

In an effort to make sure that we at Three Worlds examine these issues and always operate with high levels of transparency, we are creating the 3W Roundtable which offers an extra layer of transparency for us Regional Coordinators, our 3W crew, and our partners on the field.

The goal of the 3W Roundtable is to create an extra layer of accountability and transparency.

It will:

*Provide a higher level of transparency.

*Serve as advisors and and offer an objective viewpoint.

*Provide an added layer of personal accountability for Jamie and Patrick.

*Strategize and create synergy.

*Help 3W become a portal that churches, districts, and other organizations can tap into for healthy global ministry.

Creating healthy churches and mission-fields is not something that happens automatically.  And churches and Christian organizations can easily fall into the trap of basing decisions on individual, subjective interpretations.  In this region, we are wanting to make sure that our decisions foster health and longevity.  It means making sure that we have equal relationships (not balanced too far toward North America nor too far toward the field), that we share a common missiology, that we share a common vision for the field, and that we share a commitment to health and financial transparency.  If those things are not in place, good intentions can lead to disaster.  We want our partners to know exactly what is going on in the field and over the coming years, we will be increasing the ways that people can be in touch with our region.