We're Back!

We're back!  Did you miss me?  I missed myself.

These little breaks from the Diary that I have started to take after 9 to 10 years of doing this are a good idea.  I think it was 2002 that the diary was started.  That's a long time to be writing once every 3 days on average.  Most blogs don't last nearly that long.  But over the years it has been a great way to communicate.  Nevertheless, from time to time, I need a little break.  In the future I'd like to have a guest blogger (diary writer) take over when I'm on diary vacation.  Perhaps we will try that in 2012.  That would be cool.

Well, here's what is coming up in December.

*Josh Wieger of Park Place Church of God in Anderson, IN will be joining me tomorrow as we head to Liverpool, England for our 3W Seminar on "Developing a Youth Ministry."

*The following weekend I will be back in Paris doing 3W Seminar II in Paris also on "Developing a Youth Ministry."  Josh will be joining me as well and preaching on Sunday in the beautiful church there.

*We will continue our discussion of Philip Jenkins' book, "The Next Christendom."

*I will share about our recent trip to visit the CHOG's in Lebanon.

*I will continue to write stupid things with occasional references to 80's pop music (some things don't change).

*It's time for my annual Top 10 Books of the Year Awards.  It's a spectacular star-studded gala.

*And we get to take a little 6 day winter vacation after Christmas again over Marco's school holiday.  Once again we will go to Austria.  We will try to unplug completely.  No work.  Just Monopoly, UNO, and things that don't cause stress.

Throughout this past month that we have been offline here at the diary, I have continued to write at Bookface and Tweezer. So be sure to check us out!

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Twitter: 3WCHOG

So thanks for giving me some time to catch my breath.  You all are cooler than Bootsy Colllins playing a bass solo in Reykjavik, Iceland during a snow storm.

"Stay Thirsty My Friends."