My Favorite Beatles Song?

I'm in Liverpool with Josh Wieger, just 9 hours away from our 3W Seminar.  We had a great day seeing Birkenhead with Zach and Audrey who are working up here, and a great afternoon meeting with Pastor John and Linda.

This city honors the Beatles.  We walked passed the cavern club where they played here before they were famous.  We flew into John Lennon International Airport.  Their stamp is all over their city.  (What? Nothing for Gerry and the Pacemakers?  Frankie Goes to Hollywood?").

There is literally a Beatles cover band playing music outside of our hotel room in downtown Liverpool.  It's loud, but I love it since I love the Beatles--my all-time favorite.  So, you are asking...what is my favorite Beatles song of all time?  Are you crazy?  I can't give you just one.  I must give you 5....with commentary.

1. "A Day in the Life":  A truly complicated, symphonic song that is genuinely 50% McCartney and 50% Lennon.  It was a technical masterpiece in the days of analog recording.
2. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds": Not about LSD, but rather about a picture Julian Lennon drew for his father.  The first and best psychadelic song.  Love when the drums and harmony kick in for the chorus.  John's voice on lead is great in this.
3. "Glass Onion":  Complicated drum part that had to be done by Paul McCartney because Ringo Starr couldn't play it.
4. "And I Love Her".  Hard to believe two Liverpool boys in the early 60's could write a guitar/rhythm part that sounds like it could be from traditional Andean folk music. Mind-blowing that they could write this stuff at such a young age.
5. "She Came in Through the Bathroom Window":  From the mini-musical that makes up side B of Abbey Road.   It's a Paul song with a great guitar part by John.
FAVORITE ALBUM?  "The White Album" tied with "Abbey Road."
LEAST FAVORITE SONG?  Revolution #9 of course.  It reeks of Yoko.  Pure torture.

FAVORITE BEATLE?  Absolutely Paul.  They say you can tell a person's personality type by their favorite Beatle.  I'm a Paul guy. So it's interesting that songs 1-3 feature John Lennon so heavily.  Overall, in my top 20 or 50 Beatles songs, the majority would be Paul songs.

FAVORITE BEATLE BOOK:  "Shout" is great, but "The Love You Make" is the best one I've ever read.

And I might add, "The Complete Beatles" is still the best documentary about them.

Uhm....thanks for asking.