3W Seminar LIverpool Complete

We had a great 3W Seminar here in Liverpool (Birkenhead). Josh Weiger knocked it out of the park today talking about "How to Structure a Youth Ministry." People were quoting him and all the great things he said. I've really enjoyed partnering up with this talented young, emerging Church of God leader. He is so sharp and has connected so well with the folks up here in Northern England. We both feel like we are with family here. What a lovely group of people. It has been such a great time with Pastor John, Linda, and the rest of the congregation here.

Tomorrow is church, followed by a trip to Wales. Apparently Josh has wanted to go to Wales, so Zach and Audrey (awesome young people in their own right) are going to drive us to Wales--which is not very far away.  Maybe 45 minutes.  We're so blessed to have young people like this in the Church of God.  If this is the future, we're in good hands.