Brand New 2nd Church Launched in Italy!

This weekend, I flew to Venice, Italy for the dedication service of our newest church in Europe:  the Treviso Church of God.  Treviso is a small city just outside of Venice.  Venice, of course, is a series of islands with canals that is world famous.  Treviso is on the mainland of Italy. The Treviso Church of God, now joins the Arco Church of God (Italian Alps), and the Chelyabinsk-Lenin District Church as our newest congregations.

A group of about 7 people from the Rome Church of God (our only Church of God in Italy until 2010) drove up to visit the Arco church and attend the Treviso dedication.  We were also joined by Sue Haberly of Cottage Grove, Oregon Church of God and three other West Coast ladies.  Some members of other local churches attended, and all in all, there were 50 of us at this celebration.  Many of the people attending come from Latin America as well as Italy.

Pastor Daniele Santonocito of the Rome Church of God gave the dedication message and did a wonderful job.

We are very excited about this new church and are thankful for all the hard work Pastor Niccola Lovaglio is doing in Northern Italy.

Our churches in Italy need support.  These first months and years of this new congregation will be key.  Please contact us if you would like to hear more about how you can help the Italian Church of God as it expands.

I will post some photos of Venice coming soon.