3W Seminar: Rome

In a few hours, Pastor George Lutzer of Gracepoint Church in Edmonton, Canada will be arriving in Berlin.  Together we are going to travel to Rome tomorrow for our first 3W Seminar there.  The subject is on "organizing the church."  One of the least talked about, most important subjects a church needs to deal with in-depth. 

I met George last May when I was in Canada and was so impressed with his church and his leadership.  I had previously heard a lot of good things about this young, emerging leader and his fast growing church.  I attended a service and got to meet him personally while presenting a series of papers at Gardner Bible College.  We are thrilled to have him and to learn about what they are doing to create such a fast-growing and healthy church. 

We arrive Tuesday night in Rome and then the next morning, Gary Kendall and his wife Belinda arrive from Kansas City, KS.  Gary will also be co-leading the 3W Seminar and sharing about how his church, Indian Creek has grown from about twenty people to more than a couple thousand with church plants and a satellite campus. 

I will also make sure that they have 2 days of sightseeing in Rome since I don't think any of them have been there before.  I love being the tour guide.  Rome is not my specialty, but it's my 4th visit so I should be able to handle the top 10 places to see.  I'll take lots of photos--although the weather calls for rain. 

You can learn about George's church Gracepoint here.

And you can learn about Indian Creek Community Church in Olathe, KS here.

The very next weekend, we have our first 3W Seminar in Holland.  We'll be updating in other place as well.

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