Greece in Crisis

In a couple of hours, Jamie, Marco and I will be going to Athens, Greece.  We are joined by Ken and Millie Hatch and expect to meet up with 3W teammates Dave and Kathy Simpson tomorrow morning.  They are flying in from Bulgaria.

You have probably seen on the news that things are very chaotic in Greece.  Despite the European Union bail-out packages which keep getting approved, Greece is in serious trouble.  Even the best-case scenarios are pretty terrible.  Already many are trying to flee the country, unemployment is extremely high, and more benefits will be cut in the near future.  People that were middle-class a year ago, now suddenly are not.  Greece has a very long road ahead even if it does manage to stick with the Euro (which I am not convinced it will).

We are hoping that while we are there, we don't have any riots or violence break out--since we are staying close to the area where those things often happen and we are taking Marco.  Unfortunately, we have no choice as both Jamie and I need to go on this one.  We're all looking forward to spending time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Kathy though.  We're so grateful that they are on this team and they are such a blessing to Marco.  We'll keep you posted and I will do my best to take some of my world famous, blurry, useless photos for all to groan about.  The lighting should be bad and the angles terrible.  We'll keep in touch so you be in touch, m-kay?