The 3W Dispatch: At 3W, Who Knows Where You Will Go Next?

One of the great things about the Three Worlds team approach is that our skill-sets get utilized on a regional scale as opposed to just a local or national scale.  From time to time, Jamie and I dispatch our team to various parts of the Europe/Middle East regions with specific assignments. Often, no one location on the mission-field utilizes our full skill-sets.  We have quite a bit to offer other places as well.  Our team is excellent for teaching, leading seminars, speaking, running camps, serving in an advisory role, putting on events, --and many other things.  So our team has gotten used to getting the call from us to go get dispatched to some other location to support another 3W missionary or a church or country in our region.

Currently Kelley and Rhonda Philips have been dispatched to Chelyabinsk, Russia to serve on an advisory board and lead some seminars.  Kelley recently went to Lebanon as well.

As we speak, Dave and Kathy Simpson are in Liverpool offering strategic support for the Birkenhead congregation.  They will be meeting with the board, speaking, and discussing future partnership with 3W.  They're doing a lot of the work that Jamie and I need to do--but this way, we cover a lot more ground, and they can do it just as well as we can.  Two weeks ago they were in Greece.

Aaron and Nicole have been dispatched all over the place for a variety of reasons: Paris, London, Rome, Budapest.  Right now they are spending much of their time preparing to lead the Care-a-Van trip in April which will take our North American visitors across the most gorgeous part of Europe to visit 4 very different churches in Germany and Italy.  A and N are the point people on that trip and doing a ton of work on the logistical end.

And the Oldhams will be helping out in Lebanon this summer...the first of many times we will dispatch them around the region to add-value to all that we do.

We've been doing this long enough that we can get feedback from both the churches and our 3W team members in the region.  And I think it's safe to say that everyone loves it.  We find ourselves utilized a lot more in ways that are personally enriching but also helpful to the whole region, our partners love it because it creates a lot of connectivity and they enjoy the time we spend them.  And we as Regional Coordinators love seeing our team flourish in a variety of settings and cultures.

As the team changes and we add people, we will be always looking for catalytic people that create catalytic moments.  We're proud of everyone on our team.  They've done a tremendous job in this first year and a half.