3W Seminar London II

I'm off to London for a 3W Seminar at the Tottenham Church of God on "Becoming a Missionary Church." This is the second 3W Seminar in London, but the first time that this particular topic is being done.  I always enjoy my time at the Tottenham church and they are always such gracious hosts.  This is the 2nd 3W Seminar in the UK in the last 3 weeks.  Dave and Kathy Simpson just did one in Liverpool/Birkenhead.

And of course it's always great to be in my favorite place on planet earth: London, England.  It's always a happy day when I'm boarding a plane that is bound for London.  Total heaven.

Here is the description of this 3W Seminar.

3W Seminar:  Becoming a Missionary Church

Part 1:  Obstacles to Mission Description:  There are many issues in the life of the church that can block our efforts to become an effective missionary church.  Some of these can be read about in the New Testament and others are challenges we face in the 21st Century context.

Part 2:  The Life-Cycle of a Church Description:  Like all organisms, the church has a natural life-cycle from birth to death.  It is important to understand where your church is on the life-cycle and how to re-vitalize the life of your church so that it can be effective missionary church.

Part 3:  Solutions: Removing the Obstacles to Becoming a Missionary Church:  The obstacles to healthy, mission-minded church life can be very significant.  We look at ways to clear the path for effective ministry. Part 4:  Ideas for Mission & Analyzing Your Church’s Potential: We look at 4 different ways to mobilize your church for effective mission and discuss how the church can analyze its strengths and weaknesses.