Care-a-Van Kicking Off

Well, the time has arrived.  The first 3W Care-a-van in which we will take a small group of people on a tour of Church of God congregations in Europe.  The trip has 3 objectives:

1) To connect European churches to North America.  Many of them are quite isolated and could use encouragement.  This will include the 2 new church-plants in Northern Italy.

2) To share with our visitors about the Three Worlds vision, how we operate, what are goals and strategies are, and how Christian cross-cultural ministry is changing in the 21st Century.

3) To show our visitors some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  This continent is absolutely amazing.  I always say, "pound for pound" it's the most beautiful continent.  And this particular route will be going through some of it's most scenic areas.

We will be visiting the following places:

Heiterbach, Germany (Black Forest)

Austrian Alps

Lago di Garda, Italy (Dolomites/Alps)

Venice, IT

Treviso, IT

Verona, IT

Cinque terre, IT

Rome, IT

Insbruck, Austria

Oberammergau, Germany

German Alps

Munich, Germany

Hopefully, by the end of the trip, everyone on the trip is an expert on all things Three-Worlds.  And hopefully, we will have encouraged these churches that we are visiting and started connections that will last a lifetime.  And hopefully, there will be no car trouble or accidents.

Nicole and Aaron Varner have been working on the Care-a-Van for months.  It's occupied much of their time and they have been very busy doing everything from room reservations to calculating parking fees.  They have been very meticulous and have completely taken this on themselves.

Jamie and I have been to all of these places, so we'll be sharing tour guide duties, but the actual legwork for all of this has been done by A and N.  Great job guys.

Well, we're off to lovely Munich where we will meet up with our 6 Care-a-Vaners.

Let the adventure begin.  I'm sure we will all be posting from the road.

I'll also be updating on twizzle and BookFace.

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