J and M Fly out of Rome

And then there were 9.  Jamie and Marco flew back to Berlin today. I drove them to the airport here in Rome for their flight out.  Spring Break is over and Marco needs to get ready for school on Monday.  He greatly enjoyed the Care-a-Van and being with the Care-a-Vaners.  Spring Break flew by fast.

Yesterday we took the Care-a-Vaners around to some of the sights of Rome.  The rain finally caught up with us on the trip.  It was a race to get through all the sights before the late afternoon downpour kicked in.  Fortunately, we were back under a dry roof by about 2PM after taking in all the key sights.  Tonight we meet up with the Ostia Church for Italian dinner.  Tomorrow will be church with Care-a-Vaner Larry Deacon preaching.

I'll be counting the days until I can see J and M again. On Monday, we drive to Innsbruck, Austria in the heart of the Alps, and then Tuesday will be in the German Alps, before Wednesday in Munich.  Thursday Aaron, Nicole, and I will fly back to Berlin and the Care-a-Vaners will return to the zoos from which they came.