Care-a-Van Concludes

I'm writing from the German Alps tonight.  We are one day away from the conclusion of our first ever 3W Care-a-Van.  Tomorrow we make the short drive into Munich, drop-off the monster-mobile we've been trekking around in, and prepare to return to our respective homes.  It's been a a great experience, and I can't say enough about Aaron and Nicole's organization and planning throughout all of this.  It really has been amazing.  Considering all the places we've been and all the things we've done--really 2 people alone have had to make sure it has all worked.  A and N.  So on behalf of all the Care-a-Vaners and Jamie and Marco too, let me say "Thank you Aaron and Nicole."  All that time planning really paid off in a big way.  You made it so incredibly easy for all of us to cover so much ground.  We were well-rested, well-fed, and had great church experiences while seeing some of the world's most stunning places.  On Thursday Aaron, Nicole, and I will fly back to Berlin.  Not much rest time for them as they have even more groups to host in the coming weeks.  Here are some final blurry photos: