3W Seminar: Bulgaria II

This weekend we are having our 10th 3W Seminar; this one in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.  Never would I have thought we would have done so many of these in the first year, but they are really filling a need.  One of the things I love about the 3W Seminars is that they cut right to the heart of the issues that churches struggle with--the common tripwires.  But another thing I like is how they connect people from outside Europe and the Middle East with this great region.  We have our first 3W Seminars outside of the Church of God this summer in Almeria, Spain.

We will also be visiting Serbia (first time) as well as the Church of God congregations in Hungary.  This is one of the most exciting stories of our region as two young pastors have emerged to lead the country: Peter Kiss and Laszlo Debrecini.  You will be hearing all about those two guys in the very near future.  The churches are healthy, the leadership is healthy, and we have a lot of laughs when we are together.  Peter is hands down the funniest guy in the CHOG worldwide.  So you're in for quite the ride if you spend a few minutes with him.  Think Robin Williams on speed!  Yeah....I know.

So off to the Balkans and Eastern Europe. I'll get some great, blurry photos to share with you all.