In the USA--the food is big

Hello friends.  I'm in the USA having arrived in Miami a week ago Monday.  I spent that week criss-crossing the state of Florida thanking some (not all) of our supporters.  Then I flew to Indiana this past Monday and am staying with Jamie's mom in her cozy house--and watching ESPN any chance I get. Actually, it's been busy since the semi-annual Regional Coordinator Meetings began the very next day---Tuesday.  We have met for 3 days of strategizing, reporting, and hearing from other departments at the Church of God headquarters here in Anderson.  On Sunday I will be at Church at the Crossing in Indianpolis, I will be making  a quick visit to Ohio on Monday, off to Northern Indiana on Tuesday, and then back here for the North American Convention.

I've been watching my weight like crazy.  It's not hard thus far, but it will get harder as I have all these meetings (at mealtimes) over the coming two weeks.  It's always such a shock to go into American restaurants and see the serving sizes of the food.  Thus far, I haven't been able to finish many of my meals in restaurants.  It's just too much.  It takes a while to adjust to these enormous, American-size helpings.  America---everything is big.

Last summer I discovered sweat tea--which McDonalds has for $1--as do many other restaurants.  It's so good--but I'm sure it is so bad for you.  I'm proud of myself for only ordering 1 so far in 9 days in the USA.  But that will end tomorrow.  As I visited my friend Jen Cox and her 1 1/2 year old husband Randy, I couldn't help but look at his cup of McDonald's sweet tea with envy, so I will probably break down pretty quickly tomorrow.

Oh saucy temptress!