Off to Ukraine

Last week was very exciting as we commissioned our newest 3W team members Daniel and Christy Kihm (The Netherlands) and Zach and Audrey Langford (Liverpool, UK).   A week ago, we had a fun evening over at the Kihms house in Anderson, Indiana---it was us 5 3Wers together for the first time.  Great chemistry and a great team. Now I'm off to the Ukraine to visit the CHOG there, speak at their annual meeting, and dedicate a new building.  This is my first time to the Ukraine.  I'm flying to Donetsk, one of the host cities for the Euro Cup Football tournament that just concluded last night with Spain's monumental win over Italy (4-0).  From Donetsk, I guess we will be traveling 3 hours into the rural countryside to an area I've probably never heard of.  It should be an adventure.

I'm not sure what internet will be like, but if there's the opportunity to get online and post pictures, I certainly will.

I got back on Friday and have got to spend Friday through Monday with Jamie and Marco.  That's been great, but alas too short  (I also  have massive jet-lag.  I never like going West to East.  That's always much harder for me). This is my final trip without them for a while.  So if I can just make it to next Monday (one more week), we'll be together for a good long time.  Overall, I'm going to start scaling back my travel as year 3 of 3W goes on.  It will still be crazy, but the days at home will get longer and longer and the trips shorter and shorter.  And once we're fielding a full team, hopefully it will get even better for me schedule-wise.  Here's hoping.

Okay, so now it's off to Ukraine.