Farewell to the Varners


Last week, Aaron Varner took up his new position as the Administrative Pastor of South Lake Wales Church of God in Lake Wales, Florida.  According to Nicole, "Aaron will be in charge of the day-to-day operations of the church, including overseeing the staff, managing the HR part of the church, coordinating the logistics for the construction of the new building and directing the missions and small group programs of the church.

Aaron served on the XZ Berlin team for 3 years and Aaron and Nicole helped us out for the first 2 years as we launched Three Worlds.  They were an invaluable part of the team, and the whole team greatly enjoyed their time with them.  We all have lots of great memories of our time together.  There certainly was a lot of laughter, and they helped the USA-Germany CHOG partnership to grow closer than ever before.  And they were instrumental in helping 3W establish its presence in this region as they visited different countries introducing our new system to the churches and countries we serve.

Now they have a new job and are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first child, baby Patrick Landon.  We're excited for their new journey into the wonderful world of parenthood.

We're going to miss them.  I'm especially going to miss firing Aaron. Aaron was fired a record 378 times by me.  Usually for liking the wrong kind of music or some other flagrant violation.  He was usually rehired shortly thereafter, since he was the only one who could solve my computer problems.  Daniel Kihm will now be attempting to break that record.  He's been fired once already (for liking girly movies like "the Notebook", but that's a long ways away from Aaron's record of 378.

We're proud of the Varners and we look forward to meeting baby Landon in the future.