3W Roundtable II: Cairo


I'm here in Cairo, Egypt  for the 2nd annual  3W Roundtable.  Each year I am inviting a group of pastors that are great strategists, organizational thinkers, and missiologists to join me in a different field in the Europe/Middle East region to discuss the last year of events at 3W.  In each case, these are leaders representing churches that have made very large investments into 3W: supporting multiple 3W staff, fields, and churches.  It's part of our effort to be very transparent about the decisions we are making with their donations.

The 3W Roundtable also adds an extra layer of accountability for Jamie and me as we lead the Three Worlds team.  Although we are confident in our leadership, we believe that it must be very clear who leaders are accountable to and that we should always be open to comments, criticisms, correction--particularly from those who are donating their hard earned money to make our work possible.  There's nothing worse than leaders that live in a vacuum.

Our discussions last 3 full days and cover everything from field updates, to a review of how Jamie, Marco and I are doing personally, to discussions on finance and how we can better communicate and relate to these churches that are investing so heavily in the 3W vision.  In this case, we also wanted to introduce the 3W Roundtable to the Oldham family, their home, and their work.  That is why we are hosting it in Cairo this time.  It was in Paris last year.

The most exciting part for everyone, I believe, is the case studies, where we come up with case studies that anticipate future challenges that 3W may face in the future.  Usually there are 3 or 4 on different subjects.  Everyone receives the case study a couple of months before the Roundtable begins and then once we are together, we work through the problems and challenges together.  We don't just deal with the problems and challenges of the current day, but anticipate the challenges that the future might bring as well.  Overall, it makes Three Worlds better and better every year.  And if Jamie and I start to veer off in the wrong direction, they can provide a safeguard to keep us from making mistakes.  But most of all, they are people that we trust, people who have a proven experience of being excellent organizational thinkers, and people that have clearly showed through their actions over the years that they care for our family and our teammates deeply.  We greatly appreciate them and love working with them.

And I'm very excited about the fresh new host of ideas that they have brought to the table and look forward to implementing them in the future.