ThreeWorldsTV on YouTube

In an effort to continue growing and giving people a better insight into Three Worlds, we have started a channel on YouTube called:  ThreeWorldsTV.  We will be posting videos on ThreeWorldsTV.  Sometimes they may be interviews, sometimes they may be informative, sometimes they may be answers to questions submitted by churches or readers (We'll happily take your questions anytime).  And sometimes, we will put up videos that are just videos of the beautiful scenery that you can find in Europe and the Middle East.  Occasionally, there may be some pretty silly stuff we put up there too because this job gets too serious sometimes. Now, a certain occasional reader to the Three Worlds Diary sent us a funny video on facebook castigating people who film things vertically on their i-phones because they don't realize you can film horizontally.  Okay...yes, I plead guilty.  That is me.  But as all you diary readers know after 11 years of having this diary, I am world famous for my lousy photography skills.  I've since corrected the vertical issue. However, this first video was filmed in November before I got reamed out by our diary reader.  So, point taken.  :)

Overall, we'll have to see if my skills can improve in time.  Lord knows my photography sure hasn't.  But I will try to do my best to make them better.  In time, we are hoping that our 3W Teammates will be adding stuff as well.  Ken Oldham will be helping out and appearing and narrating some videos.  It's a shame I didn't do this 2 years ago since we have seen so many beautiful things and had so many great things to report on.  But better late than never.  Finding the time to do video has been the main obstacle.  We're already busy enough with the work and travel, but then when you add the diary, facebook, and twitter--it really adds up.  Now video!  But this is the world we live in and it does give people an insight into the mission-field that never would have been possible in our parents' and grandparents' day.  That is very cool.

Lastly, I really don't like being in pictures or video, but there's no way around this if we're going to bring stuff to you on video.  So, I'll just have to deal with it.

I'll be posting some of our already made videos over the coming months, and adding some stuff from upcoming winter/spring trips to the USA, Russia, Italy, Hungary, London, and Ireland.  I may even include shots of airplanes since I know you love those and always want more.

This first video is from a few weeks ago:  a response to a question submitted to us by Fairfax Community Church.