Announcing: "The Budapest Lectures"



This month we are launching "The Budapest Lectures," part of an in-house seminary hosted by the Hungary Church of God.  Every season:  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, we will have in-depth courses taught at our two churches in Budapest.  The speakers will be leaders from the Church of God and come from North America and Europe.  For four days, they will lead the classes into an examination of whatever subject covers their area of expertise.

The Budapest Lectures launch this month with Germany's Rainer Klinner from Fritzlar Bible teaching first.  In the Spring session, Greg Wiens--the State Director of Florida and of Healthy Growing Churches Network will speak.  In the Summer, 3W's Ken Oldham (Cairo) will be the featured teacher.  Also in line are Gary Kendall, Tom Planck and myself heading all the way into 2014.  And this is just the beginning.

Furthermore, The Church of God in Hungary and 3W are inviting leaders from the Europe/Middle East to join in these in-depth training sessions.  Budapest is very centrally located for our region (in Central Europe) and it is an inexpensive city compared to most in our region.  Three Worlds plans to offer scholarships from time to time, for regional leaders (especially young leaders) to attend these special courses.  All of this is part of the 3W Prism.  Our third top priority is to create healthy connectivity within the Church of God in Europe, the Middle East and beyond.  By starting this event in Budapest, it gives our region a regular place to meet up for training and fellowship. Many of the lectures will be aimed at helping churches and leaders navigate the challenges of Post-Christendom environments.

We are very excited to be partnering with the Church of God in Hungary which has shown a tremendous desire to learn, to be connected, and to give back to the whole region.  Keep an eye on the Budapest Lectures!