Time To Laugh

As you read this, I will have already taken a lovely 747-400 British Airways across the pond to the Pacific Northwest and to Wyoming.  I will be in the US for about 2 weeks.  I'll be speaking in a number of places including Mt. Scott Church of God on Thursday January 31st at 7PM about "Europe's Past, America's Future?" as well as giving a talk at Hoodview Church of God in Woodburn, Oregon  Saturday February 2nd  from 10AM to 2PM on "Missions for the 21st Century."  See the diary below for more details. In light of my post on What Churches and MTV have in common, there is the other side of the equation which is when churches try hard to be so relevant that they lose focus and become no different than MTV at its worst.  This is always the danger and the tension.  So here's a funny video sent to me by 3W Ken Oldham that captures that dynamic.  Have a good laugh: