2nd Budapest Lectures Under Way

I'm writing to you today from Budapest, Hungary.  We are in the middle of our 2nd ever "Budapest Lectures" which brings top leaders from the Church of God to Hungary to provide in-depth teaching to the leaders of the churches in Budapest and which is open to the rest of the region.  The first speaker was Rainer Klinner of Germany who did a wonderful job and took the Hungarian leaders into deep subjects.  This week we have Florida State Coordinator and leader of Healthy Growing Churches, Greg Wiens, along with his wife Mary Kay. Last weekend, Greg led a 3W Seminar in London which was superb.  We are discussing "Why Church Plants Succeed or Fail," but the material actually discusses in-depth, what makes a healthy church (and a healthy leader).  This information has been worth its weight in gold.  Both in London and in Budapest, they have greatly enjoyed these very enlightening sessions.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow's sessions.

The Budapest Lectures will take place 4 times a year:  Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I believe we already have the next 4 speakers lined up.  This summer, 3W's Ken Oldham (Egypt) will be teaching.  It is our hope that this will also be our first Budapest Lecture that will include CHOG guests from other countries.  Our desire is to open this up to leaders from throughout the region.  Four times a year, every year, they can choose to join a training session.  It will build up CHOG unity (remember creating inner-connecticity is the 3rd part of our 3W Prism) and it will create opportunities for fellowship, synergy, and education.  We hope to see Budapest CHOG becoming like an airport with people constantly coming in and out to refuel and take off again.

3W's Ken Oldham and Dan Kihm will be helping to lead the development of the Budapest Lectures over the coming years.  And we are grateful to Pastors Peter Kiss and Laszlo Debreceni for being willing to host all of us.

Exciting things happening in Europe/Middle East!