Time to Laugh: Africa Laughing at You

I continue to watch the rise of Africa very closely.  It's now been about 10 consistent years since Sub-Saharan Africa began to see a sharp upturn in economic growth.  Much of this has come from China's investment in Africa as a way to tap into the abundant natural resources there.  All across the continent, China is doing deals with African governments and bringing in hundreds of thousands of Chinese to work on African soil.  They mine, they create infrastructure, and they pay.  This sounds like classic imperialism--and in some ways, it is a form of colonization. But it also creates opportunity via new roads, for instance. But it is the cell phone, above all else, that is unleashing an entrepreneurial spirit in Africa.  Businesses are able to function better, markets are more accessible, and money is transferred more easily and more securely.  Of course, there will be a great divide between the richest and the poorest, but there is also clearly a middle-class emerging in many African countries.  On my own travels in Africa, the rapid modernization has become very evident.  There will be some derailments in the near term, and Africa has some serious challenges (the challenge of geography and climate will not be going away anytime soon), but in the long term, Africa has an opportunity to set a new , better course.

I love this video because it shows a different Africa--and in a funny way.  I look forward to the day we don't even assume that Africa is only a backward, troubled land.