Park Place CHOG and the Colors of Three Worlds

This month, Park Place Church of God in Anderson, Indiana is having a special focus called "The Three Worlds of Park Place."  During this month, they will be examining the three worlds in their neighborhood and how they can reach outside the church walls to touch the people around them.

As part of this month's focus, Pastor Markle is preaching about the Three Worlds of Park Place and some of our 3W team will be speaking as well.  Christy Kihm (3W The Netherlands)  was interviewed this past week in a Sunday Service.  Daniel Kihm (the Netherlands) spoke on 3W yesterday, and Kelley Philips (3W-Berlin) will be speaking soon.

We're grateful to Park Place for their support of 3W team members as well as their support of the NextGen Fund.  And we're thrilled that they are looking at the 3W concept and using it to frame their own local context.

Their sanctuary was decorated with the 3 colors of the Three Worlds logo.  We have a page on our website that explains the colors, but let me refresh your memory.


RED: Represents, the Persecuted Church and Evangelism.  This means that our work will entail working in Evangelical efforts and in assisting the persecuted church, which in our region can meet very intentional, dangerous persecution--or more subtle forms of persecution/obstruction as you find in Eastern Europe.  Red is like the fire of danger/persecution and the fire of the Gospel.  3W already works with both these areas, however, we plan on expanding our work helping the persecuted church in the very near future.

GREEN: The Environment and Health.  This refers to work we may do that helps the environment and care for our creation (which the Bible commands us to do in Genesis), and work in the area of health concerns.  Currently, 3W does not work in these 2 areas but when 3W was created in 2010, our aim was to expand into the Red, Green, and Blue between 2010-2016.  We are currently in discussions about possibly beginning to expand our health work.

BLUE: Education, Discipleship, and Business.We have certainly been doing a lot of the blue.  Our internships, our educational ministry trips, and our 3W Seminars are all part of "Education."  Through mentoring of our 3W team-members and our 3W team-members mentoring others, we also do discipleship.  We also support churches in their discipleship work as our new partnership with Italy shows.  Business we hope to expand, but we had one Business as Mission Seminar in Bulgaria in conjunction with County-Line CHOG.

3W was designed to expand, and it is expanding rapidly.  By 2016 we should be working in every area.  After that, we could even have specialists in each area.  The future looks very bright for Three Worlds and we thank you for joining us on our multi-colored journey.  You'll be hearing a lot more about the colors in the coming years.