Time to Laugh: Sports Mascots

I'm off to the USA for a very short trip.  I have a meeting in New York City and a meeting in Columbus, Ohio.  I'll be flying into NYC, picking up a rental car, and then driving back and forth.  Since I have friends in Connecticut and New Jersey, just outside of NYC, I hope to get to see them this week.  It's been quite a while. Meanwhile this week, I will be meeting up with 3 of the 3W gang of boys (Kelley Philips 3W-Berlin, Zach Langford 3W-Liverpool, and Daniel Kihm 3W-The Netherlands.  Should be a great time as we kick it South-Central Style.....in Central Ohio.

Well, it's time to laugh again.  The other day Marco was asking me why sports mascots are so stupid?  I don't know, but here they are being stupid. Enjoy and take time to laugh.